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Principal's Message

Ms. Camille Pontillo

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All aboard the Coral Park Express!  We are full "STEM" ahead!  We invite you to "board" with us as we travel through a year of learning.   Our ultimate goal is to provide a nurturing environment that sets the foundation for academic growth.  Your children will experience different aspects of learning at various “stations” within our school and outside of our school on enriching field trips.  I believe that while it is ultimately each individual's responsibility to learn, it is our school's responsibility to create and foster a differentiated learning environment that enables each learner to maximize their potential.  Collectively, the planned experiences your children will receive from teachers in their classrooms and specials “stations”, along with your support and collaborative efforts as our parent partners, will lead us to achieve our goal and ultimately reach our targeted destination of college and career readiness.  We encourage you to participate in the parent training sessions that we will be offering throughout the school year to assist you in better understanding the expectations of the standards and how you can enrich your child’s learning.  The following station snapshots provide an essence of the year to come.

Classroom Station-- Each student will be placed in a classroom with a teacher who plans engaging, hands on lessons differentiated to meet their needs.  Our teacher “engineers” participate in ongoing professional development for continued growth in their profession.  Your child’s learning will be showcased throughout the year as well as at our “Celebration of Learning” event that will take place in May. 

Grand Central Station-- Our Media Center has been transformed into our STEM and Literacy Lab.  Mrs. Maini, our STEM engineer, will engage students in inquiry based learning experiences to explore and build upon Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical concepts.  Mrs. Scalia, our Literacy Engineer, will bring words to life for your children by engaging them in reading challenges. As we continue our growth in the state’s new Common Core State Standards, you will notice an increase in exposure to non-fiction text and text dependent questioning.  Mrs. Scalia will be instrumental in supporting the students, teachers, and parents in the successful implementation and transition to these new standards.

Imagination Station-- Mrs. Casanas, our Art Engineer, will provide hands-on art experiences that will allow students to appreciate art from different perspectives and create their own masterpieces.

Symphony Station-- Mrs. Barrette, our Music Engineer, will place harmony and melody at their fingertips, as the students explore various instruments.   Students will have the opportunity to show off their musical talents through grade level performances and an afterschool chorus.

Fitness Station– A physically active student is more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful.  Coach Zanleoni will design a fitness program that will promote social, cooperative and problem-solving skills.

I commit to you that I will continuously communicate with you throughout the school year and keep you informed on school, district, and state initiatives and events.  Our support staff is always available to assist you.  Feel free to contact Ms. Scalia, Reading Coach; Ms. Theriault, School Counselor; Ms. Ramage, ESE Specialist; and Ms. Panzarella, Autism Coach, for any needs or questions you need clarified.  Mr. Aguilar, Intern Principal, and I are always available as well.

We are full “STEM” ahead---college and career bound!  All aboard the Coral Park Express….we will get you there!  Have a great rest of the summer.  See you soon.

Ms. Pontillo

Your Proud Principal

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